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About us

Due to everyday life, sometimes, we tend to forget that we are confident sensual women.  We deserve our treats now and then; so we created  My Sweet Something  with women in mind.  We wanted to create a sweet escape, where you could comfortably shop for your intimate purchases.   As intimidating as shopping for your special evening might be, we offer several accessible shopping options such as online shopping, party hosting or even an exclusive trunk show within the privacy of your own home.  With that said, we welcome you to the  My Sweet Something  shopping experience and we hope you enjoy browsing through our sweet collection

Mission Statement 

What sets us apart form other passion party clubs?
Well. . . .
My Sweet Something  believes in options.  We like to ensure that you have access to all the best brands and pricing.  We give you the power of choice; and although, it's a huge sacrifice to test our merchandise ;),  we search through all the brands available to find the best.  It is our mission at My Sweet Something to deliver only the highest quality products at affordable prices, so that you can comfortably shop through them.

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